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Here’s a summary of what happened in our previous 5 events.

You have showcased your talents in branding.

WBFC is proud to have closely collaborated with the world’s largest and most prestigious universities over the course of its five annual conferences (with Manchester hosting twice). These events have always been held in four major cities around the world, attracting numerous enthusiasts. Here is a summary of what happened during these events.

The importance of the branding courses that WBFC has decided to conduct is immense and can significantly assist businesses in achieving their objectives. These courses, which are offered in six different content categories including Commercial and Industrial Branding, Environmental and Sustainable Branding, Consumer and Retail Branding, Cultural and Artistic Branding, Experiential and Interactive Branding, and Service and Personal Branding, are presented in three different levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Masterclass.

The Winners of the second to fifth WBFC Conferences (from2021 to 2024)

Who Are we?

The World Branding Federation (WBFC) stands as a beacon in the realm of branding, dedicated to elevating the values and standards associated with global brands. With a meticulous approach, WBFC harnesses the collective expertise of authors and professors hailing from diverse corners of the world. These luminaries contribute their insights through letters and articles, offering a rich tapestry of perspectives on the intricacies of branding in a globalized marketplace.

Thought Leadership

WBFC serves as a truly global platform, bringing together branding professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from diverse industries and regions worldwide. This global perspective fosters cross-cultural exchange, innovation, and collaboration in the field of branding.

Excellence Recognition

WBFC recognizes and celebrates excellence in branding through prestigious awards and accolades. By honoring individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement, innovation, and impact in branding, WBFC sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Community Engagement

WBFC fosters a vibrant and inclusive community of branding professionals By facilitating meaningful connections and knowledge sharing, WBFC cultivates a supportive ecosystem where ideas flourish and individuals can grow personally and professionally.

Commitment to Impact

Beyond recognition and celebration, WBFC is committed to driving positive change through branding. By promoting ethical practices, sustainability, and social responsibility, WBFC empowers brands to make a meaningful impact on society.

Ehsan Yazdanee
the winner of the fifth WBFC

Ehsan Yazdanee is the author of the Blue Dinosaur Theory. He successfully won the main prize of this competition on May 12, 2024, and was honored as the Branding Figure of the Year by WBFC. Here is what he says about his theory: The Blue Dinosaur Theory.

WBFC Proudly Presents

The distinguished panel of judges at the fifth WBFC conference has selected the Face of the Year 2024:

After a thorough review of 35 accepted papers, theories, and hypotheses by a panel of judges comprising reputable universities, the theory of the Blue Dinosaur, which explores the role of personal branding and behavioral etiquette in small and medium-sized companies, researched and investigated by Ehsan Yazdanee, has been chosen as the standout of this conference cycle.

This theory is one of the submitted papers from Lancaster University, England, and we extend our congratulations to the researcher and the supporting university for this achievement.

Our Academic & Technical sponsors at this event

Our panel of judges at the fifth conference

Develop the Possibilities

Dave Ulrich

Supervisor of the jury

University professor, Author, Speaker, Management coach and Management Consultant

Jean-Claude Larreche

Official member of the jury

Professor, Entrepreneur, Marketing consultant, Author, Founder of StratX ExL

Henry Engelhardt

Official member of the jury

American businessman, and the founder and former chief executive of Admiral Group

Nancy Richmond

Official member of the jury

Influencer & Social Media Leadership Coach for SME's

Tidjane Thiam

Official member of the jury

Executive chairman of Freedom Acquisition Corp, Chief executive officer of Swiss bank Credit Suisse

Wanda Dean

Official member of the jury

President & Professor of Digital Transformation, Author

Our Schedules

Unveiling Tomorrow's Branding Leaders

Day 1 (6 May 2024)


Dr. Sunil Gupta

Marketing Strategy Courses

Driving Digital Strategy & The Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Branding :Pioneering the Future of Marketing

Day 2 (7 May 2024)


Professor Scott Galloway

Branding Speech

Branding and Intellectual Trends, Shaping the Future: The Synergy of Branding and Technological Advancement


Dr. Oğuzhan Aygören

Branding Speech

The Role of Branding in Global Politics, Navigating Branding in the Agile Sector: Strategies for Success

Day 3 (8 May 2024)


Dr. Marla Spergel

Branding Speech

Branding Women’s Way,

Cultivating Brand Identity: Exploring the Intersection of Culture and Branding in the Modern Era

Upcoming Event

The 6th Global Branding Conference in the UAE

The 6th Global Branding Conference in the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi May 10-16, 2025 – Abu Dhabi

This event will be held next year at Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi. The main focus of the conference will be on exploring branding in new cultures. Those interested in participating can contact the secretariat by submitting an application.

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Content of Opportunities

Branding as a Catalyst for Cultural Expansion

Branding as a Catalyst for Cultural Expansion

June 25, 2024 Branding as a Catalyst for Cultural Expansion Cultural Branding…

Crafting Your Personal Brand

Crafting Your Personal Brand

June 23, 2024 Crafting Your Personal Brand Navigating the Path to Success…

Branding as the Guiding Light of Industry

Branding as the Guiding Light of Industry

June 19, 2024 Branding as the Guiding Light of Industry Industrial Branding…

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