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Dave Ulrich

Influencer & Social Media Leadership Coach for SME’s


Influencer & Social Media Leadership Coach for SME’s

Dr. Richmond is an innovative, versatile, and results-driven university professor, social media consultant and executive coach. She uses a fresh approach, creative solutions and data driven strategies to help organizations survive and thrive during times of growth, disruption and/or crisis. Dr. Richmond is recognized as a social media authority with over 300,000+ followers. She shows leaders how to make radical shifts with digital media transformation. 

Nancy has worked with leading organizations including Florida International University, MIT, Harvard University, Northeastern University, University of Miami, Campbell Soup Company, NBC 6/Telemundo, National Career Development Association, French Consulate and National Association of Colleges and Employers. Clients include executives, start-ups, nonprofits and corporations. She has helped thousands of individuals and companies in the areas of social media, and leadership development from around the globe.