WBFC – Official World Branding Federation Conference

Selected by seven judges, the chosen winner of the fifth WBFC event.

Esteemed Panel of Judges,

We are thrilled to announce the selection of the Face of the Year 2024 at the fifth WBFC Conference.

After meticulous evaluation of the 35 submissions, including papers, theories, and ideas, by our distinguished panel of judges representing esteemed universities, one theory has risen to the forefront: “The Blue Dinosaur” by Ehsan Yazdanee.

This theory, originating from Iran, offers a fresh perspective on the pivotal role of personal branding and behavioral etiquettes within small and medium-sized enterprises.

Among the myriad submissions, “The Blue Dinosaur” stands out for its ingenuity and relevance. It introduces novel concepts that have captivated our attention, shedding light on the indispensable nature of personal branding and behavioral etiquettes in the success of modern enterprises. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ehsan Yazdanee and his supporting institution, Lancaster University, England, for this remarkable achievement.

This theory not only explores the contemporary landscape of branding but also anticipates future trends in global branding strategies. We eagerly anticipate welcoming Ehsan Yazdanee as an esteemed judge at the forthcoming sixth WBFC Conference in Abu Dhabi next May.

“The Blue Dinosaur Theory” is not just a theory; it is a testament to the evolving nature of branding. Its exploration of individual behaviors and the incorporation of etiquettes as integral branding components have left an indelible mark on our panel. Notably, two of our judges specialize in HR, and they were particularly struck by the theory’s emphasis on personal branding and behavioral etiquettes within organizational settings.

In conclusion, “The Blue Dinosaur” is more than just a theory—it is a beacon guiding us towards a deeper understanding of branding in the 21st century. We commend Ehsan Yazdanee for his outstanding contribution to the field and eagerly anticipate the invaluable insights he will bring to the discussions at our upcoming conference.


Dave Ulrich
Chair of the Panel of Judges

Dave Ulrich
Chair of the Judging Panel