WBFC – Official World Branding Federation Conference

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Crafting Brands that Stand Ou

Day 4 (9 May 2024)


Professor Mohanbir Sawhney

Branding as the Guiding Light of Industry

Branding stands as the beacon guiding industries towards success, innovation, and growth


Professor Adilson Borges

Personal Branding Speech

My Name is Adilson, Remember it!

Day 5 (10 May 2024)


Dr. Osama Abdelkader

Branding Speech

Saudi Arabia New Identity

Day 6 (11 May 2024)


Noel Prioux

Carrefour: from Paris to Rio

Carrefour Management Story

Previous Days

Share the Bright Vision

Dr. Sunil Gupta

Driving Digital Strategy & The Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Branding :Pioneering the Future of Marketing

Dr. Oğuzhan Aygören

The Role of Branding in Global Politics, Navigating Branding in the Agile Sector: Strategies for Success

Professor Scott Galloway

Branding and Intellectual Trends, Shaping the Future: The Synergy of Branding and Technological Advancement

Dr. Marla Spergel

Branding Women’s Way, Cultivating Brand Identity: Exploring the Intersection of Culture and Branding in the Modern Era


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