WBFC – Official World Branding Federation Conference

chosen by professors and judges from universities and business schools Supporting this event, has been compiled.

“The inaugural round of evaluations, supported by evaluators from the prestigious universities and business schools, has concluded for the 5th edition of the World Branding and Franchise Congress (WBFC). The panel of 30 esteemed judges, approved by WBFC, has finalized their initial assessment, selecting the following names for the final evaluation list.

The judges in this section made an effort to propose a list from the 105 approved articles, considering geographical diversity and highlighting emerging talents. Dr. Marla Spergel, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, represented the judging panel and announced this list during the closing ceremony of the first session of speeches in the current evening at the Oddfellows Hall of the University of Manchester, in the presence of over 70 guests.

This evaluation round aimed to ensure this parameters: 

The list of 35 selected individuals is as follows:

1. Ms. Orlaith O’Malley – Ireland

2. Mr. Thaddeus Montgomery – USA

3. Mr. Wolfgang Schmidt – Germany

4. Mr. Akio Yamamoto – Japan

5. Ms. Yusra Khattab – Lebanon

6. Ms. Inêz De Oliveira  France

7. Ms. Chioma Nwankwo – Nigeria

8. Mr. Ehsan Yazdanee – Iran

9. Ms. Imane Benali – Morocco

10. Mr. Maximilian Wagner – Austria

11. Ms. Nisha Meng Ming Li – China

12. Mr. Nikolai Petrovich – Russia

13. Mr. Aditya Menon – India / USA

14. Ms. Aysel Kaya – Turkey

15. Ms. Seung-hye Park – South Korea

16. Ms. Dalia Cohen – Israel

17. Mr. Diego Garcia Morate – Colombia

18. Ms. Kamila Nowak – Poland

19. Mr. Jovan Petrović – Russia

20. Ms. Eleanor Clarke – Canada

21. Mr. Gabriel Rose – Italy

22. Mr. Lucas Wang – China

23. Mr. Daniel Anderson – United Kingdom

24. Ms. Mia Patel – India

25. Mr. Sebastian Müller – Germany

26. Mr. William Brown – United States

27. Mr. Oliver Wilson – United Kingdom

28. Ms. Ella Thompson – Canada

29. Ms. Sophie Dupont – France

30. Mr. Christopher DuBois – USA

31. Ms. Zoë van der Burg – Netherlands

32. Mr. Sebastian Andersson – Sweden

33. Ms. Solene Martin – France

34. Ms. Jasmine Chen – Singapore

35. Ms. Emily Liu – Taiwan

Dr. Marla Spergel, a  represented the judging panel